Exciting News for Architecture in Sarasota

We are pleased to announce that the Center for Architecture Sarasota and the Sarasota Architectural Foundation are joining forces to create one organization called Architecture Sarasota, to be led by Executive Director Anne-Marie Russell. For Media Inquiries, please contact Allison Moore at 941-961-3708 or moore.pr@gmail.com.
To our members and supporters,
I am thrilled to be sharing news of extraordinary changes that are taking place for our organization: SAF and CFAS (Center for Architecture Sarasota) have committed to come together as one organization under one name, one board and one mission, led by Anne-Marie Russell as Executive Director. We are very excited about the promise the future holds!
Our new entity, to be called “Architecture Sarasota,” will retain the shared mission of SAF and CFAS, stewarding the legacy of the Sarasota School of Architecture as a point of departure for exploring “good design” globally to the present day. Board members have for some time discussed what a natural fit it would be for our two organizations to come together. When the opportunity arose to bring Anne-Marie Russell on as Executive Director, it was obvious the time to join forces was now.
Many of us have gotten to know Anne-Marie through her work in creating and leading the Sarasota Art Museum. She also has a longstanding passion for and knowledge of architecture. Since her arrival in Sarasota, Anne-Marie has donated her time to SAF and CFAS to help us focus attention on the Sarasota School architects and their influence on contemporary architectural design today. The Museum has been a multi-year educational partner to SAF’s SarasotaMOD Weekend. Anne-Marie amplified the impact of our 2020 MOD, which honored Carl Abbott, by opening the Museum’s own beautiful Carl Abbott exhibition on that same weekend.
CFAS Board Chair Ryan Perrone summed things up nicely when he said, “Sarasota’s architectural legacy has been championed by SAF and CFAS separately, achieving incredible interest and success. Together, Architecture Sarasota, under the leadership of Anne-Marie, will exponentially magnify our impact to our community.”
There will be a period in which SAF and CFAS will work together to transition our two organizations into one. During that time, already-scheduled programming will continue. When our transition is complete, members of each organization will become members of Architecture Sarasota. Stay tuned for more information about member benefits and programming.
I hope by now you are as excited as I am about the powerful potential of this new combined organization! If you’d like to get in touch, please email us at info@saf-srq.org.create new email
Best regards,

Anne Essner
SAF Board Chair

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