DeVries/Craig Residence

Edward “Tim”Siebert, 1955
The Craig Residence is located in the Lido Shores neighborhood, an area of the city now recognized for offering a high concentration of architecture associated with the “Sarasota School.” Philip Hiss created this enclave of great architecture as a landowner, developer, amateur architect, and patron of the arts. He designed or commissioned houses to respond to the coastal Florida climate and employ progressive principles of design: goals that the Craig Residence addresses successfully.

By 1955, the date of the original house, more than twenty homes had been built in Lido Shores. Many of these houses-most notably Paul Rudolph’s “Umbrella House” were heavily published in the national press. House and Garden offered thirteen pages on Hiss and Lido Shores in 1954. Writer Willard Temple, who lived in Lido Shores at this remarkable time, noted in his novel, Every Day is Sunday, that sightseeing buses were routed through Lido Shores to offer the general public a look at this remarkable new architecture.
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