William Rupp

William Rupp (1927- 2002) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He received his B. Arch. degree from the University of Florida in 1953, after which he worked in the office of Paul Rudolph until 1955, when he established his own office in Sarasota. Until 1965, Rupp practiced in Sarasota, partnering at times with Gene Leedy and Joseph Farrell, after which he moved his office to Naples Florida. In 1968, Rupp moved to New York to work for Morris Ketchum, Jr. and in 1972 to Amherst, Massachusetts to work for Callister, Payne and Bischoff. Between 1978-1995, Rupp taught full-time at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Rupp died tragically died in 2002 when a fire swept through the house that he had designed and built himself.

Scott Building

Joseph Farrell & William Rupp, 1960 (more…)