SAF's Endangered
Sarasota School of Architecture Structures

(September 2019)

IM Pei New College Dorms

New College Dormitories

I.M. Pei, 1963

General Dougher Place
This group of structures is in disrepair, with most units housing more students than originally planned and some units vacant because they are unlivable.
South Gate Community Center, Photo: Preservation of Victor Lundy's South Gate Community House, Inc.
South Gate Community Center
Photo: Preservation of Victor Lundy's South Gate Community House, Inc.

The South Gate Center

Victor Lundy, 1956

(historically listed by Sarasota County)
3145 South Gate Circle
The structure, which includes a pool, was originally intended to be funded by neighborhood subscriptions from the surrounding subdivision, but today can not find/get/entice neighbors to join, leading to a lack in funds to properly maintain the building.
Joe Barth Insurance Company building, Architect: Victor Lundy
Joe Barth Insurance Company building

Joe Barth Insurance Co.

Victor Lundy, 1957

25 S. Osprey Avenue
This modest one-story structure sits on prime downtown real estate. It currently has a tenant, but prior to that tenant the owners unsuccessfully attempted to sell the property in combination with neighboring lots to provide a larger property for redevelopment.
Lawyers Professional Building, Architect: Frank Folsom Smith
Lawyers Professional Building

Lawyers Professional Building

Frank Folsom Smith, 1961

2051 Main Street Sarasota
This modest one-story structure was the subject of a failed swap deal in 2015 between its owners and the owners of the parking lot at 20 N. Washington Blvd, two properties west (turning Lawyers Professional Building into a parking lot).
Hiss Studio, Architect: Edward "Tim" Siebert
Hiss Studio

Hiss Studio (Lido Shores Sales Office)

Tim Seibert, 1953
(Addition by Bert Brosmith, 1962)

1310 Westway, Lido Shores
The property is likely to go on the market in the near future, but it is not currently protected by local, state, or national historical designation, so its long-term prospects are uncertain.
Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Architect: Frank Folsom Smith
Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Jack West, 1969

1552 2nd Street
This building suffers commercially from its location. Ideally, a non-commercial tenant/owner could be found to maintain its bold vision and Sarasota-School credentials.
Cocoon House, 2018, Photo: Jenny Acheson
Cocoon House, 2018
Photo: Jenny Acheson

Healy Guest House (“Cocoon House”)

Ralph Twitchell & Paul Rudolph, 1950

(historically listed by The City of Sarasota)
3575 Bayou Louise Lane
Siesta Key, Sarasota

Although recently renovated by the SAF and leased by SAF through April 2020, the long-term status of the structure is unknown.

Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

Van Wezel Performing Arts Center

Taliesen Associated Architects, 1969
(successor firm to Frank Lloyd Wright)

777 N. Tamiami Trail
Although currently remaining in the Bayfront Plan proposed by Sasaki Associates, a new center on the site will operate in its place, calling into question the exact form and use of the existing structure. A “ghost frame” in the shape of the existing building has even been proposed.
2025 Oaks Street building, Photo: Richard Clapp
2025 Oaks Street building
Photo: Richard Clapp

Sullivan Residence

Architect Unknown, 1940
Client: baseball player Billy Sullivan

2025 Oak Street
This house is one of the few remaining Art Deco / Streamline Moderne examples in Sarasota, especially residential. It has been vacant for about 15 years and was rumored to start demolition in 2016, but it remains standing, although with boarded-up windows and doors.


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Leech Studio ("The Round House"), Architect: Jack West and Elizabeth Boylston Waters
Leech Studio ("The Round House")
Umbrella House, Architect: Paul Rudolph, Photo: Anton Grassl
Umbrella House
Photo: Anton Grassl, Esto
Paul Rudolph, 1950
Paul Rudolph


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Carl Abbott
Cocoon House, 2018, Photo: Jenny Acheson
Cocoon House, 2018
Photo: Jenny Acheson

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