Cocoon House


The Cocoon House, officially known and the Healy Guest House, was constructed in 1950 by the partnership of Ralph Twitchell and Paul Rudolph. Its nickname comes from the innovative roofing material used – a spray-on plastic that Paul Rudolph observed being used in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to cocoon or “mothball” ships coming back from World War II.

The 750 square foot structure was historically designated by the City of Sarasota in 1985 and is currently a rental property. The Sarasota Architectural Foundation, in conjunction with their celebration of Paul Rudolph’s 100th birthday, began leasing the building in April 2018. The SAF subsequently carried out small renovations to the property, including the stripping of white paint from the louvers, re-building the front and back porches, and providing a period-correct front door. Following renovations, the SAF contracted local interior designers Pansy Bayou to furnish the structure in a 1950s style, then opened up the house to monthly tours.