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Sarasota Art Museum
of Ringling College of Art + Design

The Sarasota Art Museum of Ringling College is a contemporary art museum (known as a kunsthalle, an art museum without a permanent collection) that opened December of 2019.
The centerpiece of the Ringling College Museum Campus, the museum has 15,000 square feet of dedicated exhibition gallery space, a café, retail shop, auditorium for educational events, performance and film, a sculpture courtyard and extensive grounds and facilities where one can engage with site-specific and site-responsive art experiences.

Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation

The Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation (SAHP) is a non-profit, publicly-supported 501(c)(3) organization.  The mission of the SAHP is to “preserve and enhance our historic places.” It was incorporated in 1985 to save architect Dwight Baum’s El Vernona Hotel, built in 1925 by owner Owen Burns, and which by the 1980s was known as the John Ringling Towers.
The SAHP’s highly publicized effort to save The Towers in the late 1990s raised the ire of those interested in saving the historical integrity of Sarasota and began the community’s consciousness of such issues.

History & Preservation Coalition of Sarasota County

This county-wide partnership of twenty historically-minded groups promotes public awareness of the historical and archaeological resources of Sarasota County by encouraging preservation initiatives, informing the public about preservation activities, and developing programs to showcase the value of preserving Sarasota County’s heritage.

Center for Architecture Sarasota

The Center for Architecture Sarasota (CFAS) was created in 2013 to ensure the legacy of Sarasota’s rich architectural heritage is appreciated and that the designers of today have a forum.  The CFAS is a not-for-profit member-supported exhibit space and lecture hall and is dedicated to heightening the awareness of and appreciation for innovative architecture, good design, and resilient urban planning.

Paul Rudolph Foundation

The Paul Rudolph Foundation, a preservation and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is based in New York City. Founded in 2002, its mission is to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Paul Rudolph through education, advocacy, preservation easements, and technical services.

Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation

The mission of the Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation is to spread knowledge about the profound legacy of Paul Rudolph, and to preserve the work of this great and internationally-important 20th-century architect.

Docomomo US

Founded in the United States in 1995, Docomomo US is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of modern architecture, landscape and design. Through advocacy, education and documentation, Docomomo provides leadership and knowledge by demonstrating the importance of modern design principles including the social context, technical merits, aesthetics and settings of these important pieces of American history.
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About SAF

Sarasota Architectural Foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness of the Sarasota School of Architecture movement, helping to preserve or rehabilitate its irreplaceable buildings and demonstrating its relevance to the contemporary built environment.