Walker Guest House Replica – 2020 Update

This spring, we completed yet another the last chapter in the life of the Walker Guest House Replica.  After its successful exhibition on the grounds of the Ringling Museum, the WGHR was relocated to Palm Springs, CA, and went on display for more than a year where it delighted architectural aficionados from Los Angeles, Southern California and beyond.  In 2019, WGHR was a star attraction during Modernism Week, the granddaddy-of-them-all mid-century modern festival.

WGHR was recently sold for $50,000 to a private owner through Heritage Auctions; what the future holds for the Replica is unknown at this time, wherever it is erected, it will continue to raise awareness of the works of Paul Rudolph and  the legacy of the Sarasota School of Architecture movement.

Proceeds will be shared between SAF and PS ModCom, the organization which stewarded the WGHR while in Palm Springs. SAF is proud to announce that the monies receives from this sale will help support a new program we are creating consisting of interviews with architects and homeowners connected with Sarasota School of Architecture movement. SAF intends to create archives of stories so they can be accessed and enjoyed by generations to come.